Fiddle Lessons / Violin Lessons

Term 1: January thru June
Term 2: September thru December

Lessons are weekly. There are no lessons during Spring break, Christmas or civic holidays. Lessons are limited to selected dates in the summer time.

Fees are due at the start of each month.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour notice is required. A credit will then be applied to the following month.

Parents are welcome to observe the lesson at any time. For beginners, it is recommended that the parent attend the first few lessons and gain helpful tips in order to help their child practise at home.

Practice Routine

It is recommended to practice on a regular basis.
1/2 hour minimum per day for beginners is recommended.
Up to 1 hour per day for more experienced students.
Remember to break up the practise with a few stretches or walk around the room.  Change from standing to sitting and try to keep a good posture.

Public Performance Opportunities

Public performances is an integral part of musical development. There will be opportunities for students to perform in public recitals and concerts throughout the year with the West Coast Fiddleheads. Support is also offered in preparing students for performances at school, church or family functions.

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Exam Preparation

Many of Rosalie’s students have achieved high marks for their examinations including silver medals for the highest marks in BC. A minimum of 6 months to 1 year preparation prior to an exam is recommended. Rehearsals with a piano accompanist are required, beginning at least 2 months prior to the exam. Accompanist fees are paid by the student before the exam date.

Exams take place in January, June and August.
Theory requirements for higher grades are outlined in the RCM syllabus.

Further information on RCM exams can be found at

High School Credits

In many school systems across Canada, RCM Examinations are recognized for credits towards secondary school graduation. Achievement in the Certificate Program of RCM examinations is also considered an important element in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges across North America. Each Ministry of Education determines accreditation eligibility for its province.

Students should consult with their school counselors for more details.

For more information on RCM examiniations and updates, please visit

For more information on lessons or West Coast Fiddleheads contact Rosalie:
Tel: 604.876.0019

Dearest Rosalie: Thank you for all your years of teaching with me. I’m so glad that I’ve kept playing the violin all these years. read more...

Love, Gloria (silver medal, RCM)

Thank you for being my first fiddle teacher. You have taught me skills which can help me realize my dream. read more...

Many thanks, Stephanie

Last night I played until 1:30am and was surprised to see the late hour. Since my two lessons with you I feel more secure and it feels like I have the right building blocks... read more...

All the best, Sabine

We are so grateful for your teaching expertise, enterprising nature, flexibility and patience! read more...

Danielle, Amanda, Susan and Michael

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